Why join the Indica Investors Club?

Indica Investors is a private, invitation-only, cannabis based investment club.

    Our mission is simple. Create profitable cannabis based stock portfolios and use those profits to help cannabis based charities and events spread cannabis education.

As a secondary mission, we hope our club members will offer their knowledge and expertise to first time cannabis users and first time investors. There are historic cannabis based investment opportunities available right now. To everyone. And with less money than it takes to buy a lottery ticket.  

     My name is Charles Duncan. I also go by Uncle Chuck. As a cannabis advocate for over 35 years, I am constantly looking for new ways to advance cannabis legalization and impact industry growth.

   As a Level 3 Certified Cannacian, I am also focused on providing free, basic cannabis education to the public. In 2019 I created an online cannabis education site called Uncle Chuck's Cannabis Camp that provides free cannabis education in an easy to understand format. Available online at www.theuccc.com

Indica Investors Club is a culmination of both passions. Legalization and Education.

With cannabis restrictions becoming more and more relaxed in every state and federal cannabis landscaping expected to take historical changes, the time has never been better to invest in the cannabis industry.

Combined that with your ability to invest as little as $1.00 in the stock market thanks to companies like robinhood.com, it has never been more affordable to invest and use the power of the dollar how you see fit. And trust me, it has much better odds than a lottery ticket.

Many features and articles on the Indica Investors Club website are available to the general public for free. We are a fan of free.


Club members are responsible for paying their annual dues by Jan 1 each year. 

All Indica Investors Club members will get powerful benefits including:

  • Industry trend alerts

  • Nuggets Newsletter

  • Elite Investment strategies

  • Members only portfolio access

  • Exclusive Event Invites

  • Retail Discounts  at dispensaries and online

and more....



As a cannabis user for the last 35 years, the changing landscape is both exciting and a little scary. It is also full of opportunities. One of them is investing in the financial markets. Cannabis based companies are already listed on the stock market. As the landscape changes to a more favorable cannabis market, this just might be the time that people look back on as the "opportunity phase".